yorkville man wishes every day was st. patrick’s day

March 17, 2006

chris spitzer, aka “the irish lion,” recently commented that he wished every day was st. patrick’s day. he could not be reached via phone for for clarification on his comment, and failed to return several voicemails. but he did return an email, explaining his love for the irish holiday.

“green eggs and green beer for breakfast, corned beef sandwiches for lunch, and a burrito for dinner. and more green beer non-stop throughout. does it get any better than that? oh yeah, it does…people call me the irish lion all day. of all my nicknames, that has to be my favorite. I love st. pattie’s day.”

whatever makes you happy eddie ballroom blitzer cheese blintzer c.r. spitter robbie clitzer. whatever makes you happy.

happy saint patrick’s day, suckas!


2 Responses to “yorkville man wishes every day was st. patrick’s day”

  1. sheikh Says:

    i know i’m short, but i had no idea spitzer was 7 feet tall.

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