“king moss” shows all why we call him “king”

March 15, 2006

some of you may not know that kevin was promoted recently. despite several attempts at finding out the details of his new job, no one was really sure exactly what he got promoted to. until last weekend, that is. in the middle of a st. patrick’s day drinkoff, kevin dropped his pants in the middle of mcgee’s tavern and grille and showed us all why he earns the name “king moss.” i mean that in the figurative sense, of course, as all he did was reach into his wallet and bust out his new business card. i have scanned a copy as proof:
great, now both he and katie can fire people.


One Response to ““king moss” shows all why we call him “king””

  1. spitzer345 Says:

    I also have the ability to fire any part of my staff of 50 at anytime. Probably without the beucratic bullshit that Kevin and Katie have to go through.

    I should have that printed on my business cards.

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