indiana girl ruins picture, dog ruins st. pat’s parade

March 11, 2006

chicago natives gathered this saturday for the annual st. patrick’s day tradition of dying the river green. things were going well, until the arrival of indianapolis resident becca hullinger and her furry sidekick billy ray valentine. “we were standing by the river for a photo op, and out of nowhere comes this bitch and jumps in our photo!” said lindsey snodgrass (in the pink, clutching her cell phone and starbucks). “then we turn around, and there’s a fucking dog in the river!”

when asked why she jumped in the photo, becca replied “I just got caught up in the moment and the spirit of the parade. I think that’s why william jumped in the river too.”

after wading around for 35 minutes, billy finally came ashore and escorted becca back to roscoe village in time for the indiana game.


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