three year old terrorizes roscoe village

March 4, 2006

liz nierzwicki and her three year old son vincent came to chicago to visit this weekend. roscoe village will never be the same.
vincent got into everything in the house, including an old christmas decoration that he managed to convert into a bengals fan.
vincenzo brought some bad weather with him, as it was evidentially raining inside the house.
he and billy became buds, until vince tried to steal his bone. then it got a little ugly.
after a trip to dave and busters, vince came home high on sugar and trashed the joint. after a while, benny turns to liz and says “you know who your son reminds me of? Adam Saad.”
he also tore into some late night burritos. unfortunately, they made them a little too spicy for his taste, and poor vinny started crying. then he pounded some water and got back to trashing the place.


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