traveling urban hippies invade indianapolis

March 2, 2006

it was sometime last year, when benjamin ralston and I went to buddy guy, jimmy buffett, and the rolling stones concerts in the span of nine days…benny turned to me and said “we gotta do this more often.” so in the spirit of chris spitzer, we decided to pack our bags and see the north mississippi allstars play at a small venue in indianapolis called the music mill.

along for the trip was benny’s brother clint, uncle bob, his cousin cam, cam’s woman amanda, their buddy ryan, his girlfriend shea, and their friend becca. yes, her name was becca. we should have known right away with that name that there would be some sparks later in the evening…

the opening act was called silver train, and we were parked in the front row. some guy came out and was tuning up the guitars, and clint yells “hey man, what’s it like being a tech for a band on the road?” the guy got a shit-eatin grin on his face and clint says “what to you bet that guy turns out to be the lead singer…”
sure enough, the “tech”disappears, comes back ten minutes later with the rest of his band, and grabs a guitar and the mic. katie, the girls all told us that he was wearing women’s jeans…you would have been in love.

the allstars finally came on a played a show that lived up to their name
air guitar was in full effect
little did becca know that this tongue would come into play later in the eveningbut benny sure knew…
the band had us rockin
and the booze was flowin

the music mill was outside of downtown, and we were staying at a hotel right down the street. with little night life to choose from, we headed back to the hotel and ordered pizza after the show.

but suddenly benny and becca were nowhere to be found. cam was walking around the hotel and happened upon benny cornered by becca between two soda machines, using that tongue pictured above. benny pulled out the oldest trick in the book – “hey cam, go get dave!” cam came to the room and said “hey dave, benny needs you.” upon returning to the scene of the crime, the two lovebirds were nowhere to be found. we later found them in the hotel lobby, curled up in a chair next to the fireplace. ben ralston, gangsta of love.

One Response to “traveling urban hippies invade indianapolis”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Oh dear god dave, I could not have explained that story/night any better than what you just did. Just wait til I tell them about ol smokey bones!

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