3 exciting things in C.R. Spitzer’s life

March 2, 2006

1. “Wake-up Ron Bergundy” should come from Netflix on Saturday.

2. The O.C. returns next Thursday. Damn those winter Olympics, damn you. Also damn “Skating with celebrities” for postponing this week.

3. I’ll be making a return to the big city Tuesday/Wednesday March 14th and 15th. Everyone in town keeps on warning me not to go as they say I’ll be robbed by a “negro”. Turns out when I have been telling people that I moved out here from the “city” they always thought I meant Naperville. The locals are holding a prayer vigil for my safe return.

Anyway, my sister is moving to Boston around the 21st and I have to go say good-bye and raid anything they’re not taking with such as unused pharmaceuticals and half bottles of wine. I’ll be around Tuesday night after 8 p.m. and Wednesday until I head back.


2 Responses to “3 exciting things in C.R. Spitzer’s life”

  1. anderballs Says:

    nice….what is this “wake up ron burgundy” of which you speak?

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