American Hopeful Russell Mayhew Takes a Disappointing 7th in Torino

February 23, 2006

After 4 years of anticipation after his 2002 bronze medal performance in Salt Lake City, US gold hopeful Russell Mayhew tumbles forward in the deep powder thus eliminating the USA’s chances of medalling in the downhill.

After a late night of drinking and Scrabble with USA teammate Bode Miller, Russ could not handle the demanding 20 inches of fresh powder. “I tried to hang on, but when you’re taking that kind of pow in a 35 mile-an-hour full tuck you’re bound to lose it,” Russell exclaimed. “The only thing in my head at that moment was how I beat Bode the night before with the word truculent in Scrabble.” Russ had fought the media’s accusations all weekend about his dedication to the Olympics when he was spotted inebriated, urinating on the slopes in front of a young ski school group.


2 Responses to “American Hopeful Russell Mayhew Takes a Disappointing 7th in Torino”

  1. JJones Says:

    “truculent.” Does this mean Russ was playing unscanctioned 14 letter scrabble instead of 7 letter scrabble? He could loose his Random House sponsorship for that.

  2. Russell Says:

    silly jones… i placed ‘TRUCU’ in front of ‘LENT’ and voila!

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