Pickin’ on the Pregnant Chick

February 21, 2006

Most of you know that Shannon and I are expecting a baby in early June. That said, I am almost 6 months pregnant and clearly showing with a big old bump and 19 extra pounds. So, I go to the store today and am looking in the pharmacy section for one of those icy-hot patches for Shannon’s knee (he is training for a half marathon and I thought it might relieve some of the strain on his bad knee.) Anyhow, this little boy whips around the corner and yells, “Grrrrrr!” at the top of his voice. Starteled and laughing at him, I bend down and talk to him for a few minutes and his mother comes around to apologize for her ‘holy terror.’ She sees that I am pregnant and starts asking how I am feeling, when is the baby due, blah-blah-blah. I grab the stuff I need as we chat away and head to the checkout. This stodgy old perverted-lookng dude (a prime candidate for ownership of a child molester van, I might add) is sitting at the checkout and as this woman is asking me about my plans for daycare etc…he holds up the box and says, rather loudly, “Don’t you think it is a little late for these?”
Confused, I look up and he is holding up a value pack box of condoms (the buy 30 get 5 free size!) He starts laughing, as does the lady and another customer, and I turn BRIGHT RED! Evidently, the icy hot knee patches are displayed right next to the condoms and I grabbed the wrong box. The perverted old man just chuckled and grinned as I stammered and walked out. Not one of my finer moments, but a Tiffany classic nonetheless.


3 Responses to “Pickin’ on the Pregnant Chick”

  1. kb Says:

    Love it!! Kind of scary that a little kid is so knowledgeable about condoms.

  2. anderballs Says:

    um, sweetie…it was the old man who was knowledgeable. what story were you reading?

    That’s good stuff, Tiff!

  3. kb Says:

    oops…that story makes me feel much better now. thanks sugs for clarifying!

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