Timmy Siebert – the coolest kid on the planet

February 13, 2006

Some of you have met or at least know about my cousin Timmy…he’s 18 and lives in the burbs. He just lived one of the coolest moments I’ve ever seen and we have the video to prove it.

Timmy is a senior at Lake Forest High School in the Education Life Skills program (that’s what they call Special Ed). Every year, the kids in the ELS program play a basketball game in the high school gym on a Friday. The whole school comes out to watch them play. They don’t call traveling, and the play gets a little sloppy, but everyone comes out to cheer them on. The band plays, the cheerleaders are there, even the pom squad performs at halftime.

There are three hoops…the traditional 10′ hoop, then a hula-hoop under that for the kids who can’t throw that high, and finally an even lower hoop for the kids in wheelchairs.
Timmy was the MVP of the 2006 ELS Basketball game, pouring in 12 points and dishing out 10 assists. In this clip he steals the ball, gets fouled on the way to the basket, and goes to the line for two free throws. Now when you keep in mind that even layups are hard to come by in this game, then what you’ll see happen next is nothing short of miraculous. That’s all that really needs to be said, but when you see the reaction of the crowd you’ll know why he’s the coolest kid on the planet. Oh yeah, and watch how he spins the ball when he’s at the free throw line. Just like the pros. There weren’t many dry eyes in the gym after this play, at least not from the Siebert/Anderson family members in attendance.

Click here to play the video. Way to go Timmy, what a stud.


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