New Feature to Billy’s Blog – Eddie Clitzer’s Message Board

January 15, 2006

After taking my money at poker all night in Yorkville on Saturday, Spitzer (aka Eddie Clitzer) said something along the lines of “you know what would be really cool is if you could put a message board on the blog. we might be able to stay in touch a little better. then people can just leave random comments instead of having to post.” so I did a little research and found out it is surprisingly easy to do, just go to a website and copy and paste. It’s in the sidebar…it seems pretty easy to use, just type your name and message. I don’t know if it is gonna work, but it seems easy enough to use. So please test it out and let me know your comments and suggestions.

In honor of Spitzer’s ingenious idea, Billy suggested we work Spitzer’s name into the message board. So here’s to you, Eddie Clitzer.

Also, the Yorkville trip was a great time, as soon as Katie gets the photos downloaded from her camera, someone will post the photos so you can all see his new home.


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