Bucktown man claims “pretending you’re a lesbian is the best way to get chicks.”

January 6, 2006

Jeff Jones, now 28 and happily married to a wonderful woman, is still clinging to his greatest discovery in four years of college study at Indiana. At a recent gathering, Jeff was overheard saying “I’m telling you, man, the best way to get chicks was to dress kinda feminine and pretend you’re a lesbian. I mean, if Prince could pull it off back in the 80’s, there’s no way it still can’t work in the 21st century.” Although Jones was never able to close the deal with the girl in this picture, he claims that his “i’m a lesbian” line worked on at least four other women. Ben Ralston, currently single, said he “wished Jones would just stop clinging to the glory days. he asked me the other day if I wanted to borrow his wife Christy’s sunglasses for the weekend to hit on girls in bars.” Jeff could not be reached for comment.


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