chris spitzer no longer homeless, friends plotting scheme to “trash the place”

December 14, 2005

Chris Spitzer is a man who plays by his own rules. he’s been living on the couches of friends and cooks at his ristorante for the past several months, enduring a long frustrating campaign to find the finest housing that yorkville has to offer. well all those sweat and tears (actually just tears) have finally paid off. he’ll be moving to what he calls a “town home” in the chicago suburb very shortly.

there’s only one way to make spitzer really feel at home in his new digs, and that’s to gather up all his friends, head out to yorkville, and trash the shit out of his new place. other than spending quality time with the man we haven’t seen since the “great white flight” took him out of the city last summer, we may also partake in other fun activities such as pointing and laughing at Chris, drinking games, card games like asshole and various versions of poker, or even take a trip to Elgin’s finest casino. Tentative plans are slated for Saturday, January 14th. We’ll head out in the afternoon, dine at his ristorante, and head over to his place afterwards. Please join us.

Way to go Spitz, you can finally call Yorkville home.


3 Responses to “chris spitzer no longer homeless, friends plotting scheme to “trash the place””

  1. Benny Says:

    spitz the old college fratter. i’ll be there.

  2. kb Says:

    Spitzer–sorry I am going to miss the chance to trash your place. I will be in Vegas.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Spitz, you know I wouldn’t miss the chance to trash your new place and see your ristorante. I just booked flights for Katie and I to come out.

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