E! True Hollywood Story: Andy Pilat

December 13, 2005

Andy Pilat – Age 17 (and about 3 months)

Hillard, Ohio – Andy was always the good boy growing up, then he met what would become his nemisis, Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade. Nothing beat laying down on a couch, putting a pillow behind his head, tossing his legs up into the air, and guzzling the sweet sweat from old man jack’s lemons. The above photo captures Andy after four or maybe four and a half Lynchburg drinking “sessions” at the home of Chuck Evans. Chuck’s sister knowing of Andy’s competitive attitude did something that forever changed Andy’s life… She made a bet with Andy.

This is the first known time that Andy accepted a bet while under the influence, and as we know it would be the first in a long line of ill-advised gambles. This particular bet had nothing to do with money or property, but with something more sacred… Andy’s ability to get an erection. The challenge was simple, “I bet you can’t get an erection within the next 10 minutes with absolutely no touching. ” Andy’s next step was a bit “cocky,” but he was determined to make “Charlie” pop (this was the name Andy gave his wanger). He sat in a chair in Chuck’s kitchen for the next 10 minutes talking to “Charile” while in deep thought.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he failed. Ol’ “Charlie” was not in the mood to stand up for Andy and he lost the bet. He didn’t have to pay any money, but maybe he lost something more valuable than anything of monetary value…

P.S. Nice T-Shirt from the 1995 R.E.M. Tour. Didn’t you puke in Hatch’s minivan at that concert?


One Response to “E! True Hollywood Story: Andy Pilat”

  1. Benny Says:

    the most shocking party of this story is that pilat went to an r.e.m. concert.

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