Warren, IN native has day of declarations over $6 pitchers of miller lite

December 11, 2005

Warren, IN native Ben Ralston made a series of declarations at Joe’s Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday while watching the Indiana Hoosiers absolutely demolish the Kentucky Wildcats. The first was that the IU/UK game he attended during his senior year at Indiana was “the best day of my life. not only did we sit on the floor and watch the Hoosiers win that day, but I just remember how happy I was when we walked in to the RCA Dome and they were serving beer! At a college basketball game! Amazing.” The photo above was snapped on that very day after IU had secured the victory.

Second was his declaration that he and his buddies started the popular trend of wearing red afros to IU basketball games. “Back when we were in college, we wore those red afros to every game, and we were the only ones in the crowd wearing red afros,” said Benjamin. “Now if you watch an Indiana game on TV, all kinds of kids in the crowd are sporting them. We started it all, man. shiiiiiiiiiiit.” After overhearing all of this, Andy Pilat said “I’d bet $100 that you’re making that up. I’m serious. Let’s gamble. Someone bet me. On anything.” Benny bet him that Anderballs would eat five slices of pizza even though he ate lunch before coming to Joe’s. Pilat lost. Always bet on black, Ralphie. Always bet on black.


3 Responses to “Warren, IN native has day of declarations over $6 pitchers of miller lite”

  1. sheikh Says:

    if you look closely, you can see that picture was taken before spitzer viciously chipped benny’s tooth. spitzer’s such an ahole.

  2. Saad Says:

    i always thought benny’s red afro was real

  3. spitzer345 Says:

    that tooth was asking for it, asking for it i tell you.

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