IU Fans Buy Timemachine on eBay

December 6, 2005

After a disappointing loss to the Sycamores of Indiana State Indiana Hoosier fans purchased a time machine on eBay for $7.51 plus 10.00 S&H. They plan on traveling back in time to find the basketball program once considered “elite” and “feared.”

Those interested joining them for Hoosier time travels should call 800-FMD-SVIU! That’s One Eighthundred Fire Mike Davis Save Indiana University.

Act Now! First Travel Date will take us back to September 15, 1960, to Fayette, Alabama to make sure a certain coach for a certain team is born without an entire brain rather than just the ability to use 1% of it.


4 Responses to “IU Fans Buy Timemachine on eBay”

  1. spitzer345 Says:

    After we solve the IU problem, can we use the time machine to go back to when Saad had a set of balls? Or at least back to our days of heavy alcoholism when he actually seemed funny.

  2. anderballs Says:

    saad i hope you don’t mind I changed your photo. the ex was in that picture, i used your time machine and replaced her with billy ray. we would have had a much better time.

  3. Saad Says:

    dave – i like the change more than you know.

  4. Dad Anderson Says:

    Me too. Very funny.

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