spitzer tracks down long lost cat, buys him ticket to chicago

December 1, 2005

back in the good old college days at the Varsity Villas one night, we found Russell and Spitzer in an exceptionally altered state of mind. we managed, over the course of about 15 minutes, to convince Spitzer that we actually had a cat. we asked Spitter where the cat was, to which he replied “oh, the cat? he’s in Indy.” well for the past eight years, Spitter has been looking for that long lost friend. he finally found a stray cat at the SPCA in Indy who had been lost eight years ago and had suspicious ties to 438 Varsity Lane. it took spitzer only a few nights of stealing tips from his waitresses at his ristorante to save up enough for a flight home. the kitty is currently en route to Yorkville on United flight 345. welcome home, old friend. hope you like your new home in western illinois. if you’re lucky, spitter will give you a good name. but knowing chris, it will probably be something gay like Yorkie or Ginsum.


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