dubya in China part II – the video

December 1, 2005

This is not a duplicate post folks, I have found a video clip of this special moment in time. I have watched it 25 times and I laugh harder each time I watch it. Watch how after he can’t get the door open, he stands there helpless and motionless in the corner. Then tries to save face with a little bit of humor. “I wus tryin to ecksape. heh heh. deedn’t work. heh heh. let’s bomb iran! he heh”

Click here to open the video.

It’s from the Netherlands, so don’t mind what the anchorman is blabbering about in Dutch.


One Response to “dubya in China part II – the video”

  1. Poe Says:

    oh that is too funny…i too watched it over and over and could not stop laughing…to the point where everyone around me at work had to come watch and now we all just keep watching it…guess work is over for the day–>

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