Mike Davis Press Conference

November 30, 2005

Following the loss to Duke Wednesday night the IU head basketball coach was asked what his general thoughts were on the game. He responded, “Oh no, that was tonight… I can’t beleive I missed it. How’d we do?”


3 Responses to “Mike Davis Press Conference”

  1. anderballs Says:

    davis looked confused for most of the game. either confused or constipated. i tell you what though, i haven’t been this excited about IU basketball ever. they are good. very good.

  2. Saad Says:

    marco, marco, marco… i just kept wondering what the outcome would have been if D.J. were 100%. The HC advantage was huge.

  3. spitzer345 Says:

    dave says this every year. “i haven’t been this excited, blah blah blah.” same as his new years day rant – “i will get laid this year, i’m never been this excited about my chances of getting laid this year, ever”.

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