CDW Terminates Wigger-Employee

November 14, 2005

Vernon Hills, IL – CDW Computer Centers, Inc. terminated one of its most valued employees on Monday for “wigger-like behavoir.” One, David Charles Anderson, pictured above (left) with homeboy Tiny, had informed co-workers “to step off” while packing up his cubical. He delivered a statement before getting into his Honda:

“I kinnot recon’ dat CDW gots snatchn dese steps t’terminate mah’ employment. Man! ah’ feel dat da damn gravest uh all injustices gots been done. ah’ apologize fo’ any brotherness dat ah’ have widin mah’ soul. ah’ have only attempted t’integrate into society. Slap mah fro! Mah’ atto’neys gots ax’ed dat ah’ say no mo’e. ah’ plan on returnin’ t’my fust employer, McDonalds, who kin advance mah’ carea’ propuh’ly. Slap mah fro!”


4 Responses to “CDW Terminates Wigger-Employee”

  1. anderballs Says:

    your ebonics is horrible, saad.

  2. sheikh Says:

    so is your sense of humor. it must have left when your balls did.

  3. kb Says:

    that is my boyfriend!!

  4. spitzer345 Says:

    I actually thought Saad was sort of funny for once. God I need to get a life. Maybe because only about two percent of my staff of 30 actually understands my witty sense of humor. Falls over the heads of the 18 yr. old girls and doesn’t really translate well to spanish.

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