Chicago man has too much to drink, turns into beer bottle

November 9, 2005

Chicago resident and Steeler fan Jeff Jones had so much to drink on a recent trip to Green Bay that he actually turned into a bottle of MGD. This picture was taken outside of Lambeau Field before last Sunday’s snoozefest between the Steelers and Packers.

When asked for his thoughts on the situation, Jeff’s former dog Billy Ray Valentine said “I will support Jeff as he begins his life as a beer bottle. I feel much closer to him since his balls were removed shortly after his marriage. We now have something in common other than Dave.”


2 Responses to “Chicago man has too much to drink, turns into beer bottle”

  1. anderballs Says:

    Benny, Clint, Jones, and I went on a bar crawl in Green Bay on Saturday night. I had a feeling that Jeff was a little “off of his game,” as he had a hard time keeping up with us single men. In fact, Jeff had to switch from liquor to beer very early on in the night. Which might have been his downfall. But that feeling was confirmed when I woke up the next morning and saw a giant bottle of MGD laying in the bed next to me. If Jones ever returns to normal, we’ll have to try harder to get Jones away from his wife a little more often so that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

  2. JJones Says:

    At first being a beer bottle is making day-to-day life more complicated, but I think after time I will get used to it.

    Though, I am still a little askew after Dave tried to spoon me in bed. He said it was because I now look like a giant beer bottle, but it still was awkward. Anyways, I thought he preferred Budweiser???

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