Billy Ray Eagerly Anticipates Little 500

November 9, 2005

Bloomington, Indiana – Billy Ray loves Bloomington in April: the dog park becomes a swingers club, the fire department repaints the hydrants, Moss gets off the couch, and Billy gets a Big Breakfast from McDonald’s. The tradition of masticating before the cycling event started in 2002 when Billy’s old roommate, Saad, returned from Kirkwood with 8 Egg McMuffins for the owners and guests, and one Big Breakfast for Billy. He finally felt that he was being treated properly, but when it came time for the race Billy was left licking his empty plate.


One Response to “Billy Ray Eagerly Anticipates Little 500”

  1. anderballs Says:

    notice how billy is in the middle of polishing off the hash brown? he clearly started with the eggs, then moved to the sauasage, and he’s saving the crappy biscuit for last. he’s got good taste.

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