Housing Prices Plummet in Green Bay

November 8, 2005

Green Bay, Wisconsin. There is a first for anything, and on Saturday, November 5th, a first certainly occurred in Green Bay. Two homosexuals, natives of Roscoe Village in Chicago, were seen sauntering around town throughout the evening on Saturday and at the Green Bay Steelers game on Sunday. For most of the time they were behaved, but as soon as they got on the dance floor together things took a nose dive rather quickly. As seen in the picture, one of them can be seen serenading the other as they dance together. They were not phased by the stares, jeers or by the fact that there was a 20-1 girl to guy ratio on the dance floor; with each pulsating beet from the music their eyes stayed locked on one another.

This display personally made this reporter vomit all through the next morning. The effect on the town will last for years local residents noting that Green Bay has not been rocked by an incident like this since Mark Chmura spent time “volunteering” with the local high school girls. In fact, many fans from Green Bay did not even attend the game, instead giving their tickets to Steeler fans who are more open to guy on guy relationships, especially after having Kordell Stewart as a quarterback.

Billy Ray’s take on the incident, “don’t look at me, I am just in it for the peanut butter.


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  1. Saad Says:

    excellent post.

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