Area Dog Unimpressed with Mountain View

November 7, 2005

Seeking solidarity with exploited compadre William, Yankee transplant Leonard Dillmore stuck it to the man by urinating on a signpost marking the highest point east of the Mississippi River. Witnesses report he took extra delight in horrifying the six-year old girl nearby.

When asked to comment on the scenery, Leon growled “Fuck that noise. How can I enjoy these views when my dogg Billy is suffering under the chains of oppression by the bipeds?” He then moved off camera and dumped unceremoniously on a thatch of wildflowers.


3 Responses to “Area Dog Unimpressed with Mountain View”

  1. kb Says:

    who is fuzzy nuts?

  2. anderballs Says:

    let me give you a hint…he took that picture of leon. and his name is not tboz.

  3. Saad Says:

    shannon welcome back to the states. we missed your gay ass.

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