Billy Ray “sick of being exploited,” changes name to Johnny Sack

November 4, 2005

After learning about the blog created in his name, young William was “shocked that he was not included in the process of creating the content of the site.” According to Willie, we should be advertising on the blog and he should be getting a percentage of the profits. He said ideally he would be requesting total control of the blog, if it weren’t for the fact that he can’t type.

Equally as disturbing as the exploitation of himself on the blog, says Will, are the “shenanigans” performed by his owners at the My Morning Jacket concert in Chicago. After downloading the recent MMJ show at the Vic to his ipod, Wilbert heard his name promoted over and over again during the concert. Apparently, in a display of rowdy drunkeness, William’s owners screamed “BILLY RAY” at least 47 times in the 2+ hour concert. You can download the show by clicking here. Import it into your itunes and and see how many screams of “BILLY RAY” you can count for yourself. To add to your fun, try to find Benny screaming “EAT ME BILLY!”

We told Ol’ Bill that he has been freeloading for about six years and it’s about time that he contribute to the rent. William disagreed and and instead declared that he is renouncing his name and from now on he would like to be known as “Johnny Sack.”


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