Struck down by “the man”

November 3, 2005

Some of you may have noticed that Laura’s website is no longer in the links sidebar. Evidentially, those sneaky people at Google figured out that there were a large number of visitors to our good friend Laura’s website that actually were coming from Billy Ray’s Blog. What they didn’t like, however, was that we were suggesting that people click on the ads. Understandable, I guess, because afterall business is business. Ironically, Google powers Billy’s Blog AND the ads on Laura’s website.

So the man reached out with a swift backhand and ordered us to take down any links to Laura’s website. So please continue to visit Laura’s website for updates on her status, but abusing the links to the ads could result in them pulling the ads from Laura’s websites.

I really appreciate your efforts to help someone in need, especially since some of you don’t even know her. Please continue to follow Laura’s progress on her website and keep her and her family in your prayers. If you need the address of the website, please email me.

Thanks again.


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