Billy Ray scared shitless by over-the-top Halloween decorations, breaks record for most “f-bombs” in one minute by a dog

October 31, 2005

Old Bill went out trick-or-treating on Monday but quickly returned home screaming “¡Estos jodidos monstruos me dieron un miedo que te cagas hombre! En un momento estuve dando una vuelta por el Pueblito de Roscoe, cazando ardillas. ¡El proximo me encontre en el centro de jodida Transyvania! ¡Joder, tio!” Translation: “Those fucking monsters scared me so bad I almost shit myself! One minute I was taking a stroll through Roscoe Village, hunting squirrels. The next minute I found myself in the middle of fucking Transylvania! Shit, man!”

Billy then swore he would no longer go trick-or-treating without adult supervision.


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