Drunks reenact scene from “The Natural” with cheeseburger

October 23, 2005

In some late night shenaningans early Sunday morning, Jeffrey “Roy Hobbs” Jones perfectly executed a reenactment of the scene in “The Natural” when Roy Hobbs actually knocks the cover off the baseball. A cheeseburger was used in place of a baseball (highlighted by the red arrow). Although a wooden chair was used as a strike zone, Benjamin Ralston played the part of the umpire. He stood behind the sliding glass door to shield himself from any debris. Pitcher Adam Saad had been pitching a perfect game until he served up a meatball (literally) to Jones. Upon contact with the pitch, the cheeseburger shattered into several chunks of varying sizes. Billy Ray got his second taste of cheeseburger of the night when he found a small chunk in the corner that had been missed by the cleanup crew. When reached for comment, Robert Redford could only say “you guys are retarded.”


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