New York Couple Stranded In Ford Focus

October 20, 2005

Manhattan, NY – Thursday morning New York couple, Kevin Moss and Katie Nazzaro, accepted a ride to Central Park in a 2004 Ford Focus hatchback. The driver pulled into a parking spot at 53rd and Amersterdam, shut down the car, activated the child lock, and locked the couple in the car for nearly 14 minutes. Passerbys contacted the NYPD who were able to free the nervous couple from the grasps of the Ford Focus. The driver of the car has not been found. He was described as being 3 feet tall, brown, with a large nose, and the teeth of a grizzly bear (picture below).


2 Responses to “New York Couple Stranded In Ford Focus”

  1. Katie Says:

    This looks exactly like the driver! All we heard him say was something about beating the garbage man to the dumpster. He was laughing and yelling what sounded like swear words, but we couldn’t understand because it was all in Spanish…

  2. starbender Says:

    Just surfed in and had a laugh!

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