Saturday Night Dance Off

October 19, 2005

At one of our last parties on Halsted /Armitage, Dave challenged Nate to a dance off. Nate accepted. Dave began with a hot air guitar move.

Nate responded with the move he refers to as, “The Sliding Dragon”

Dave took it to the next level with a few hippie hand rolls, the robot, and some David Lee Rothesque split jumps…

There was no clear winner, but Dave closed out the night with his version of “I Will Survive”

Sometimes after his performance, Dave gets excited, can’t hold it and goes to the bathroom in the living room. Billy would shove Dave’s face in it and tell him he’s a bad boy every whenever this happened…


2 Responses to “Saturday Night Dance Off”

  1. Saad Says:

    somebody was making out in the 3rd photo from the top.

    Dave’s a winner.

  2. sheikh Says:

    i believe that would be your sister, adam.

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