some midnight ramblings

October 13, 2005

i smell like pizza. it’s a smell you can’t really explain until you spend fourteen hours a day in a restaurant kitchen.

have court on the 27th. at that point i’ll find out how soon i can get my license back. basically even though it’s a misundersanding these fucks (can i say fucks in billy’s blog, we’ll see) drag their feet like no other. mainly making sure i don’t spend another thursday afternoon in the yorkville county jail cracking jokes with the po po. they made me take my mug shot three times because my eyes were closed. i came back with a great one liner about how all my family pictures are much the same. i had some gold material, gold i tell you. i think this dykish red haired bitch wanted to cuff me and make me her bitch. a boy can dream anyway.

when did we become bloggers anyway. someone needs to get crumley on here. he’d have a field day.

i’ll be able to drive again sometime soon. blanch my bmw sits restless. i’ll be heading downtown a monday night soon to get wasted and wrestle with bill.

the chinese guy checking in, spitz


3 Responses to “some midnight ramblings”

  1. Saad Says:

    spitzghetti – did you see that Dave’s family is also part of this blog?

  2. anderballs Says:

    good work clitzer. what is crumley’s email?

  3. sheikh Says:

    goes to prove they have more fun in yorkville than in the big city.

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