this blog thing is the shit

October 6, 2005

great another method of communication that i won’t use to catch up with everyone i should be catching up with. problems with my license have me temporarily a vagabond. quite funny that i’m so busy i can’t even begin to worry about it. spend four nights a week with someone from work, one night a week in a hotel, two nights a week at home in elgin. need to find an apartment and the apartment market in this small town is rediculous. more expensive then the city. think i may have tracked one down though.

work is good though. smoking busy. once we work out the little kinks and have a crew up and running i’m sitting on a gold mine. if they sold it tomorrow at least i have an experience of a lifetime.

this is probably my first and last post here so take care everyone. spitz


One Response to “this blog thing is the shit”

  1. kb Says:

    love the blog….billy is hot!

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